Kurdyumov Vladimir Ivanovich

Курдюмов В. И.

Doctor of technical sciences, Professor, head of Department of agricultural technologies, machinery and safety of FSBEI HE Ulyanovsk  SAU

Born on September 6, 1959. In 1981 he graduated with honors from Ulyanovsk agricultural Institute on a speciality «Mechanization of agricultural production». In 1989 he defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of technical sciences,  in 2002 – of doctor of technical sciences.  The theme of doctoral thesis: «Energy-saving technology and means of mechanization of preparation of the combined silo for cattle» (specialty 05.20.01 – technology and means of mechanization of the agriculture). In 2005, he was awarded the academic title of Professor. He is the deserved inventor of the Russian Federation (2005). Since October 10, 2006, he is the head of the Department «Safety of life and energy».

Area of scientific interests: Development of the energy-resource-saving technologies of production and processing of agricultural products and means of mechanization for their implementation».

He has published more than 440 scientific and educational-methodical works, including 2 monographs, 2 textbooks, 2 educational manuals, issued by the publishing house «Colossus», Moscow, with the stamp of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. Written by him in co-authorship with Professor B.I. Zotov textbook «Health and Safety at work» in 2001 on the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation contest «the Best agrarian book of Russia» was awarded the first place. He has articles in journals. He is the author of more than 170 patents. Technical solutions, created by V.I. Kurdyumov, were awarded bronze medals of the International exhibitions IENA – 2007 and IENA – 2009, the all-Russia exhibition «Golden autumn 2011». The winner (2005) and multiple prize winner of the competition «The best invention, dedicated to the solution of urgent problems of Ulyanovsk region». Professional engineer of Russia (2008), record holder of science of Ulyanovsk region (2009, 2010). He reads lectures on the course «Life safety in production». He leads successfully a postgraduate study and doctoral candidacy; prepared eleven candidates of technical sciences.