Raksina Ivanna Semenovna

Раксина И. С.

Was born on October 20, 1983 in Dushanbe, Tadjik SSR. In 2005 she graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine of the Ulyanovsk state agricultural academy on specialty «veterinary medicine».

In 2012, she successfully defended the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of veterinary sciences on a theme: «Efficiency of application of a preparation «Raninon» in the treatment of purulent skin-muscular wounds of animals» in the dissertation Council of St Petersburg state academy of veterinary medicine. She has more than 10 scientific publications.

Since 2009 Ivanna Semenovna is the scientific secretary of the Scientific-technical Council of the Ulyanovsk SAA.

Since 2011, she occupies the position of editor of the editorial-publishing department of science and innovation.